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        LED outdoor tri-color display screen is a remote display screen of control computer. The pixels on the LED display screen are one-to-one match with that of the control computer monitor. The control computer is equipped with editing software, broadcasting software and display scheduler software. The display content is synchronous with the control computer and the display area on the computer monitor can be adjusted easily to suit the LED screen size. The system can accept video signals from DVD, VCR and television set. The outdoor tri-color display uses ultra-high brightness LED so that the display contents can be viewable under direct sunlight. The screen control system is opened for other control interface. There is no restriction on the operating systems or file formats of display content. The LED outdoor display can real-time reflect the computer monitor’s image. System can automatically adjust color contrast and brightness of LED display screen to suit the current outdoor daylight condition. With the high refresh rate design, the display image picture is very stable. The construction of outdoor display panel is modular design so that it can ease to make up with different size. In addition, it is ease for installation and maintenance. The display scheduler software is powerful and versatile. It is easy to learn and operate. The power circuit is properly designed to meet the statutory requirements. The electronics circuit is anti-surge and anti-electrostatic design. This product has been widely used in the exhibition centers, financial centre, advertising companies, stadiums, airports, docks, stations, street and expressways for messages and advertising.



        SOGO Department Store




        Model Type:

        Pixel Pitch 10mm
        Module size 320mm*320mm
        Density Physics 10000/m2
        Luminous color 1R0.5PG
        Pixel per module 32points*32points
        Resolution 1024pixel/cabinet
        Cabinet weight 30kg/m2
        Best View distance


        Lamp size and Horizontal view angle ?5 Oval 110°
        Vertical view angle 50°
        Operating temperature Storage-40℃ - +85 Work-20℃ - +60
        Screen thickness 40cm
        Average Load 200-450W/m2
        Maximum Load 600W/m2
        Control Mode Synchronization
        Display card DVI card
        Device Drivers 595
        Driving Mode 1/4scanning
        Converters frequency ≧60Hz
        Refresh frequency ≧180Hz
        Color range 64K color
        White balance brightness 2800cd/m2
        Adjust brightness mode 32-conditioning software
        Computer systems WIN98, WINXP, WINXP-PRO, WIN2000
        Voltage (exchange) 200V±10%
        Video Signal FR, S-Video, RGB, RGBHV,
        Control system PCTV Card + DVI graphics card +
        dominated card + fiber transmission
        Average time of no failure 3500 hours
        Life 50,000 hours
        Miscellaneous point rate <0.0001
        Operating software LED studio (MDK)

        Specification Download



        Project Reference

        Tri-color screen


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