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        Indoor full-color LED screen make up by number of small pixels of which each pixel consist of three prime colors: Red, Green and Blue. With the same display principle of computer monitor, with different color mix of the three prime colors and different brightness, it can show all colors. The LED screen is pixel by pixel matching with the computer monitor screen. It support VGA display modes, VCD and DVD display, television signal and Live broadcast. The indoor panel has good display performance, high reliability and stability. It has been widely used in airports, railway stations, ports, hotels, shopping malls, and stadiums for information dissemination, advertising and AV video broadcast.

        Indoor SMD full-color modules

        Indoor Tree-to-One full-color modules



        Model Type:
        F5 SMD full-color
        F6 SMD full-color
        F7.62 SMD full-color
        F7.62 SMD full-color
        F8 SMD full-color
        F10 SMD full-color
        F10 SMD full-color
        F10 SMD full-color
        F12 SMD full-color
        F14 Virtual SMD full-color
        F20 SMD full-color
        F20 Virtual SMD full-color
        F20 Virtual SMD full-color

        LED form SMD
        Pixel Pitch 5mm
        Module size /
        Density Physics 40000/m2
        Luminous color 1R1PG1B
        Modules plate 160mm*80mm
        Cabinet size /
        Physical resolution 32points*16points
        Best View Distance


        Best View Angle 100° - 120°
        Maximum Power loss 1000W/m2
        Control Mode Synchronization
        Device Drivers Constant current
        Driving Mode 1/16scanning
        Converters frequency 60Hz
        Refresh frequency 180Hz
        White balance brightness 1000
        Environmental temperature -10℃ - 50℃
        Voltage (exchange) 22015%
        Colour gradient 1073M (full colour synchronization)
        Adjust brightness mode 32-conditioning software
        Computer systems WIN98, WINXP, WINXP-PRO, WIN2000
        Video Signal FR, S-Video, RGB, RGBHV,
        Control system PCTV Card + DVI graphics card +
        dominated card + fiber transmission
        Mean Time Between Failure 9000 hours
        Life 50,000 hours
        Fault Pixel Rate <0.00001
        Operating software LED studio (MDK)

        Specification Download



        Project Reference

        Indoor Panel


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